Trainings we provide.

We provide training to students in the field of Renewable Energy principally focusing on Hydrogen and Piezoelectricity for proliferating their knowledge through our Sensitization Seminars as well as Hands-on Workshops. We also assist them in shaping ideas and realizing projects. Our main objective is to solve the problem of Resources and Guidance needed for these topics.

Sensitization Seminars

We conduct Sensitization Seminars in Schools and Colleges to give the students an insight on the current scenario and the future scope in the field of Renewable Resources. Our main objective is to make the new generation aware of the trends in the field of Energy, getting them ready for the future.

Please Note: We provide these seminars free of cost. Kindly contact us if you want to organise a seminar in your institute.

Hands-on Workshops

We also conduct Workshops for the topics of Hydrogen Energy and Piezoelectricity. These Workshops are customised in accordance to the group of students. We provide them with a kit and teach them how to build some simple but amazing projects. We provide following workshops separately for Hydrogen Energy and Piezoelectricity.

1 Day Workshop

Total time: 5 hours
For School/Junior Colleges
Minimum Strength: 50

2 Day Workshop

Total time: 9 hours
For Junior Colleges/Engineering Colleges
Minimum Strength: 60

Value Addition Programs

Total time: 12 hours
For Engineering Colleges
Minimum Strength: 60

Project Guidance

Have an Idea related to Renewable Energy?Want to make it into reality?

We provide complete guidance for any project related to Renewable Energy. We help students, to mould their ideas, realize them into final projects.

Want to do something in Renewable Energy but not sure, how and what it should be?

We provide Sponsored Project for Innovative and Dedicated Students interested to do something in the field of Energy.
These are some of the sponsored projects available now. In the field of,

Many more projects are available with us. You can contact us to know more.

Benefits Students get for doing projects with us:

  •  Students are provided with Internships for the period of their projects.
  • Some of the selected students are offered with job opportunities.

We provide stepwise guidance and Support for:
– Understanding the Concepts
– Designing
– Fabrication/Prototyping
– Report Writing
– Research Paper Filling
– Patent Filling

Use the Subject as Projects while contacting us.

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Faculty Training

We provide training programs for teachers by our expert trainers, for helping them to upgrade their content and ways to convey their knowledge more effectively to the students. These are the following topics we provide training on.

  • OBE- Outcome Based Education
  • PBL- Project based learning
  • NBA-National Board of Accreditation
  • NAAC-National Assessment and Accreditation Council
  • Curriculum Design
  • Effective Teaching and Learning Techniques.

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