About Us

Develop Train Maintain is a Renewable Energy start-up founded in 2017. As the name suggests,

  • Develop – We develop products in the field of renewable energy principally focusing on Hydrogen Energy and Piezoelectricity. The demand for energy in India is surging year after year and owing to India’s dependence on Fossil Fuels for the ever-increasing energy needs, the pollution levels are sky-rocketing too. So, keeping Sustainable Development in mind, we are developing products which create almost no pollution while fulfilling our energy requirements.
    Our products mainly contribute in enhancement of machines to run on cleaner and affordable fuels. They can revolutionise the existing need of greener and cleaner fuels.
  • Train – We train people, educating them in the field of Hydrogen and Piezoelectricity, making the young and innovative minds aware of these astonishing topics for proliferating their knowledge through our Sensitization Seminars as well as Hands-on Workshops. We also assist them in shaping ideas and making projects which aid in their overall development. The entire revenue generated by sharing our expertise in these fields is utilised for further Research and Development.
  • Maintain – We provide services related to renewable energy as we have been researching in these fields for the past few years. We will also provide services related to future vehicles and allied applications.

Vision & Mission of Rooftop Energy Solution DTM LLP

We envision fulfilling society’s energy needs, while reducing the burden on our Mother Earth.

We aspire grow and emerge as a market leader in Hydrogen and Piezoelectric Energy and to further take the world closer towards Sustainable Development.

Meet the team

We are alumni of Sinhgad Institute of Technology, Lonavala. We did our Major Projects on the topics of Hydrogen and Piezoelectricity and found these topics to be very interesting. Hence, we decided to start this company. We aspire to make a difference to this world via the products and the knowledge we share.