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Wind Turbine companies in Pune


We develop pollution free products in field of renewable sources specifically, Hydrogen energy and Piezoelectricity.

Wind Energy companies in Pune


We educate young and innovative minds in the field of Hydrogen and Piezoelectricity through seminars and hands-on workshops.

Wind and Solar Energy Company in Pune


We provide services related to renewable energy based on our years of research as well as future vehicles & allied applications.

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Hydrogen Energy

  • Hydrogen which makes the 75% of the universe’s mass is the lightest gas known to us. It has immense energy stored inside having the highest calorific value in all fuels.
  • It is the cleanest of all as its burns in oxygen to produce only water.
  • Hence, it can be used in place of conventional fuels for our energy needs while making Earth a Better Place to live.

Wind Energy

  • Clean, Sustainable and Inexhaustible source of energy.
  • India is the 4th largest producer of Wind Energy in the world, harnessing only on-shores and on hilly regions.
  • Our Hybrid Vertical Axis Wind Turbine enables us to tap this source, to individually power Smart Homes, Offices and even Streets & Bus Stops.


We are developing 2 amazing products which can be major energy producers. We are still prototyping the products and will be presenting our products soon.

Our Products finds wide applications across the country in various sectors such as,

Private Vehicles
Public Transport
Domestic Energy
Remote Areas
Street Lighting


We provide training to students in the field of Renewable Energy principally focusing on Hydrogen and Piezoelectricity for proliferating their knowledge through our Sensitization Seminars as well as Hands-on Workshops. We also assist them in shaping ideas and realizing projects.

1. Sensitization Seminars
2. Hands-on Workshops
3. Project Guidance
4. Faculty Training

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